If you are looking for THE BEST PICKLES YOU’VE EVER EATEN…you are in the right place!  Rootie’s sweet/hot/garlic pickles are pickles that even non-pickle people love to eat!

Rootie’s Pickles are made with:
pickles (of course!)
garlic (the real thing!)
hot (whoo-hoo…spicy!)
sweet (well, they do have sugar……..you gotta have a little fun!)                                  

Rootie’s Pickles are good with just about everything and great right by themselves, but they are especially good with sandwiches (you HAVE to try them with a grilled cheese!), barbecue, brats, and stews!   Pair Rootie’s Pickles with salami, crackers, and cheese for a zesty (and easy!) happy hour appetizer!

Like fried pickles?  They are amazing with Rootie’s Pickles!!! 

As with many local food companies, Rootie’s Pickles began with a family recipe. My Mom, Margaret, made her sweet/hot/garlic pickles and enjoyed sharing them. She was loved by everyone who knew her, and she never met a stranger. Making good food and seeing folks enjoy it made Mom happy, and it makes me happy too!

Mom and me on her 85th birthday

Mom on her first solo flight

Social Responsibility

At Rootie’s Pickles, our favorite color is…GREEN (of course)!  We believe a green initiative is a critical part of our business because we it is a critical part of our world sustainability and health.  Over 50% of business waste is composed of paper products, and we keep that in mind when we do business.  When you get a Rootie’s Pickles shipment, it will more than likely be a clean recycled box.  Your safety is always a primary concern so rest assured, we are careful and responsible with our recycling practices.   And we don’t mind doing a little free advertising for someone else’s logo if it helps our planet!